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Meet the Founder

Vernon Henry, the creator of FLEXERCISE®, enjoys helping people of all ages get in shape. A native of San Diego, CA, he has always loved staying active and playing sports. Early in his athletic career, he learned the benefits of proper stretching. This knowledge propelled him from a mediocre high school athlete to an All-Conference football player who was ranked third in the nation in receiving in 1978. The next year he was Co-AP Back of the Week with Billy Simms ('78) before going into the professional arenas as a rookie in 1979 with the San Diego Chargers. It was during this time that FLEXERCISE® was conceived.

Vernon Henry

Years of research went into developing and perfecting the program. With persistence and determination, Vernon officially finalized the method in 1986. Since then, he has done what it takes to get people to implement the fitness system in their lives. The method even became an integral part of sports programs at city colleges and universities, where he served as a coach and associate professor.

There are so many benefits of FLEXERCISE®, with the most important one being that it will keep your body ready to move. Vernon hopes that you are inspired to try it today. His goal and commitment have been (and always will be) to provide quality services that are adaptable to individuals of all ages and physical abilities.


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The FLEXERCISE® training method is a mind, body, and spirit fitness program that believes in the Judeo-Christian philosophy. FLEXERCISE® is taught in a group fitness class format, yet it is unique in that it offers a slow-moving, low-impact, bodyweight fitness experience.

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