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Careers with Flexercise Certification

I. Ministry-The Church

“Flexercise is the Christian Alternative to Yoga”

With the philosophy that God created the body to move, and the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, we invite everyone to experience the dynamics of the Flexercise Training Method. If you’ve tried Yoga, you should try Flexercise. If you haven’t tried Yoga, because you were concerned it was not Christian, you now have an option – “Flexercise.” 

We are looking for men and women who have a love for the Lord, and have a desire to bring fitness to the church, and community.

Start your Flexercise Class as your ministry in your church, or in your community, and get certified today

Schedule an appointment v.henry@flexercise.net, or call 281-819-3070 to find out more information about how to become successful.

Flexercise Certification Training - Full Pay

Flexercise Certification Training - Recurring For 4 Months


The world of sports is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Whether it is your local high school team or the professionals. When a player is injured, everyone is affected. The ramifications of an injury can have a ripple effect from team cohesiveness to ticket sales, and to making or breaking of a career.

The mistake athletes make from a conditioning standpoint is that they spend too much time working the major muscle groups to the point of overlooking the linkage joints and connective tissues. Any athlete who has pulled a groin muscle or hamstring can tell you that a good stretching program can strengthen and promote the suppleness necessary to keep those areas injury free”

This fact alone states why the Flexercise Training Method is such a necessity. When implementing Flexercise into the athletic world, there is one area that is essential, and has proven effective and profitable, and that is Muscular Skeletal Injury Prevention.

Schedule an appointment v.henry@flexercise.net to find out more information about how to become successful.

Flexercise Certification Training - Full Pay

Flexercise Certification Training - Recurring For 4 Months

Meet the Founder

Vernon Henry, the creator of FLEXERCISE®, enjoys helping people of all ages get in shape. A native of San Diego, CA, he has always loved staying active and playing sports. Early in his athletic career, he learned the benefits of proper stretching. Implementing this stretching routine (Flexercise)  attributed to a continued increase in his athletic ability, later becoming an All-Conference football player; ranked third in the nation in receiving; Co-AP Back of the Week with Billy Simms, and signing as a "Free Agent" with the San Diego Chargers Professional Football team at 5'10" 165 pounds. It was during this time that FLEXERCISE® was conceived. Vernon had a dream, and spoke out loud the word  Flexercise in 1985.

Vernon Henry

Years of research went into developing and perfecting the Flexercise Training Method. With persistence and determination, Vernon officially finalized the method in 1986. Since then, he has done what it takes to get people to implement the fitness system into their lives. The method even became an integral part of sports programs at city colleges and universities, where he served as a coach and associate professor.

There are so many benefits of FLEXERCISE®, with the most important one being that it will keep your body ready to move. Vernon hopes that you are inspired to try it today. His goal and commitment have been (and always will be) to provide quality services that are adaptable to individuals of all ages and physical abilities.


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The FLEXERCISE® training method is a mind, body, and spirit fitness program that believes in the Judeo-Christian philosophy. FLEXERCISE® is taught in a group fitness class format, yet it is unique in that it offers a slow-moving, low-impact, bodyweight fitness experience.

Vernon Henry at 60 years old amazing feat

Flexercise Certification

Flexercise Business Opportunity
Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Franchise or a License?

We provide a Certificate of Certification that is valid for a two-year period, after which the certification must be renewed. The License agreement is included as a part of the certification.
This is executed by:

  • Paying all License and Certification fees.
  • Signing a Licensing Agreement Contract.
  • Completion of all Certification training.
  • Saucerful Teach Back of the Flexercise Method.

Along with the Certificate, we provide a License that allows the Certified Flexercise Instructor the use of the Flexercise Logo, as well as the Flexercise philosophy, movements, and positions, with the rights and ability to teach the Flexercise Training Method (System) for their own profit. This is more cost effective for the business owner and gives the owner control over their business. Once Licensed and certified, owner/instructor automatically becomes a member in the National Association of Flexercise Instructors (NAFI).

You will become an active participant of this educational body. The NAFI will focus on the following as we grow our dynamic Mind, Body, Spirit fitness method:

  • Quality Control
  • Instructor training
  • Instructor and student safety
  • Classroom management
  • Policy and guidelines
  • System Compliance
  • Continuing Education
What must I do to become licensed?
  • Become a member of the (NAFI) National Association of Flexercise Instructors.
  • Participate with Founder of Flexercise in a bi-weekly instructors’ class (number TBT).
  • Successfully execute a “Teach Back” of all segments of the Flexercise Training Method.
  • Complete Certification by passing all written exams with a minimum score of 75%.
  • Sign a Licensee contract agreement with CIJH, LLC, (Vernon R. Henry).
  • Pay all fees and money’s associated with completing Certificate training.

CIJH (Vernon R. Henry) has developed a new dynamic exercise and fitness program that is a new Art Form in America, called Flexercise™ (The Flexercise Training Method).

Do I need to have a current fitness certificate from other associations before I can be Certified in the Flexercise Training Method? What are the qualifications?

No, you do not need to be fitness certified before taking our training course. You must be 17 years or older, you must have a current CPR certification, and have a minimum of 60 college credit hours: Bachelor’s degree, Masters, or Doctoral degree preferred.

Where are the Flexercise Training Workshops held?

In Houston, Texas

What do I get with the purchase of the Flexercise Certificate Training Course?
  • The Flexercise™ Training Manual
  • The Flexercise™ Starter Manual
  • Digital Downloads of the Flexercise Method of Training (Videos)
  • Power and strengthening™©
  • Standing Flexibility™©
  • Sitting Flexibility™©
  • Breathing and Meditation©
  • Invitation to participate in bi-weekly instructors’ class.
  • All Quizzes and Exams.
  • Membership into the National Association of Flexercise Instructors (NAFI)©
  • Flexercise License and Certification (After successful completion of course)
Give me an idea about the (Optional) two-day workshop course curriculum.

The Flexercise training seminar is a two-day (16 hours) workshop.
The two-day workshop will provide the practical experience and knowledge necessary to implement the Flexercise Training Method.
During training, you will cover and explore topics such as:

  • Managing Sprains, and Muscle Strains
  • Anatomy
  • Kinesiology
  • Trophology
  • Breathing and Meditation
  • Flexercise Mind Body Spirit definition
  • Flexercise teaching techniques
  • In take procedure
  • Muscular Skeletal injury Prevention
  • Marketing Flexercise

At the end of the workshop, you will teach back the program. After a successful teach back you will receive a certificate of completion as a Flexercise Instructor.

The student will learn to teach the Flexercise™ Training Method.
The Flexercise Training Method is designed for the fitness professional who wants to add a Mind Body Spirit Static Stretching, Flexibility and Martial Arts skill to his or her portfolio that provide similar, if not the same benefits as Yoga.

The Flexercise Training Method has an emphasis on a Holistic Old Testament-New Testament Mind, Body, and Spirit philosophy.

Flexercise consists of martial arts type movements, strengthening exercises, flexibility, Core & abs, breathing & meditation exercises.

How can I use the Flexercise Training Method?

The Flexercise training method can be used as:

  • A Group Fitness Class,
  • Individual Personal Training.
  • Athletic muscular-skeletal injury prevention stretching program.
  • As mobility and functional training for Chiropractors,
  • Corporate work-site wellness for the factory floor workers
  • Corporate worksite wellness Stress Reduction Relaxation Techniques
  • Senior Fitness.
  • Church Para - Fitness Ministry.
What happens after the certification expires? Is there a renewal fee?
  • Bi - Annual Renewal License and Re-Certification fee $500.00
  • Teach-Back, and Certification Practicum
  • Missed Renewal License and Recertification date, after two years, Student Teach-Back, and Certification Renewal fee is $1575.00
  • (NAFI) National Association of Flexercise Instructors.
What about liability insurance?

Yes, you must have a minimum of one million dollars Liability insurance once Certified.

Is there a business support system set up for Licensed and Certified Instructors?

Yes, you can call us at 281-819-3070 or e-mail Info@flexercise.net.

Where can I hold my classes?

Any place you desire.

Do I get to use the trademark?

License Program Benefits:

  • Continuous business consulting to help with your success.
  • Use of the Flexercise name and logo to promote your business.
  • Your class and contact information on the Flexercise Website
  • Your name will be listed on our National Association of Flexercise Instructors on the Flexercise web site.
  • Merchandise: Digital Download code for all Video sales
  • 20% OFF Flexercise Apparel.
  • Members can order a Flexercise banner for promoting Flexercise classes.
  • Membership into the NAFI.
  • Run your business without Franchise restrictions, by adding the Flexercise Training Method, without interference or intrusion on how you manage or run your personal business.
How much should I charge for my classes and when can I get them up and running?

We suggest that you charge a fee of $10.00-$50.00 per class.

What prerequisites for the training should I have prior to the Training workshop or home training course?

Current CPR * Minimum Requirements - 60 College Semester Credits, Personal or Group Fitness Certification* Bachelors, Master, or Doctoral Degree preferred. *18 years of age or older.

Flexercise Certification Cost: $1,575.00 for two years.

Flexercise Recertification Cost: $500.00 - Annual Renewal License and Recertification before the 2-year expiration date.

Flexercise Recertification Cost: $1,575.00 - Annual Renewal License and Recertification 10 days after the 2-year expiration date.