A Faith Based Stretching and Meditation Method
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Stretching, Meditation, & Strengthening Exercises 
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Balancing Your Body, Mind, & Spirit
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Flexercise™© for a healthier body.

When you're looking to work out your mind as well as body, try FLEXERCISE™©. This static stretching exercise method is built on three very basic principles: a strong mind, body, and spirit. It is a form of "meditation in motion" that calls for a balanced shifting of body weight, and muscle relaxation that can provide a fairly intense workout. Flexercise™© provide benefits that are similar, if not the same as Yoga.

What is Flexercise™©? Click the Video to Find Out!

The slow, rhythmic movements of Flexercise™© provide the benefits of a moderate, low-impact experience without the potentially harmful effects of a high-impact workout. FLEXERCISE™© consists of five training levels. Levels 1-5.

  • Power & Strengthening 
  • Standing Flexibility 
  • Sitting Flexibility
  • Power Bar
  • Core & Abs
  • Breathing & Meditation


Instructor with Raised Arms

Touching Toes

Side Stretching

Instructor Showing Proper Technique

The Benefits

There are many health-maintenance benefits to implementing FLEXERCISE™© in your life. It is effective in reducing muscular skeletal injuries, decreases stress levels, increases balance, and increases flexibility, with an increase in body range of motion, all while allowing a mind, body spirit connection. Due to its combination of stretching, strengthening, and martial arts style of exercises, it also reduces anxiety, and some types of arthritis chronic pain. FLEXERCISE™©

Additionally, Flexercise™© can be used as a beginning fitness plan for almost anyone, not only those suffering from heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer, but as a daily slow moving stretching and stengthening program. Use Flexercise™© to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and improve functional movement. Flexercise™© makes the perfect warmup program for all athletes, and has been used as adjunct preventative exercise therapy for Chiropractic offices. Flexercise™© reduces arthritic chronic back pain, and provides an overall feeling of well being .


We are mind body spirit fitness, with a faith based belief. In addition,  Flexercise™© can be taught secularly, with affirmations only.

A Faith-Based Fitness Program

Flexercise™© is the a Faith Based Stretching and Meditation Method

Jumpstart your journey to good physical and spiritual health with FLEXERCISE™©. Created by Vernon Henry, B.A., Physical Education, M.Ed.,  Flexercise™© is taught in both groups, and individual classes, while giving participants a unique slow-moving, low-impact, bodyweight fitness experience.

You'll enjoy FLEXERCISE™© because it helps individuals reach their goals. Whether you're looking to increase your flexibility, strength or stability, learn proper breathing techniques, or enhance your spiritual wellness, this workout method is for you. Register to get certified today!


Our philosophy is built upon the principles of a faith based strong mind, a strong body, and a strong spirit. We believe the body is made to move, and when the body does not move, it begins to change its form and move further toward a place of dis-ease. Thus movement is the key!

"Having experienced it for myself, I highly recommend it as a way to start or finish a day; Flexercise is great for the serious athlete or the weekend athlete to help reduce muscle pulls." — Kellen Winslow, Hall of Fame NFL Football, Member of NFL Top 100 All-Time Team

" After a session with Flexercise my mind is clear and I feel much more in touch with my body...I feel it is great for health promotions for both the mind and the body."
— Tim Pylko, M.D., Assistant Psychiatric Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

" I gotta say that Vernon has always stressed Flexercise since high school '75, and I must say that it's always been a benefit for me and those that I've shared it with... Big thanks Vernon Henry."
— David Russell 1977 Calif. 100 meters, 200 Meters State Finals Champion.