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The Christian Alternative to Yoga
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Stretching, Meditation, & Strengthening Exercises 
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Balancing Your Body, Mind, & Spirit
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A Faith-Based Fitness Program

Flexercise is the Christian Alternative to Yoga

Jumpstart your journey to good physical and spiritual health with FLEXERCISE®. Created by Vernon Henry, Ed. M. Physical Education, this fitness program follows the Judeo Christian philosophy. It is taught in groups and gives participants a unique slow-moving, low-impact, bodyweight fitness experience.

You'll enjoy FLEXERCISE® because it helps individuals reach their goals. Whether you're looking to increase your strength or stability, learn proper breathing techniques, or enhance your spiritual wellness, this workout routine is for you. Reach out to us today to get started.


Our philosophy is built upon the principles of a strong mind, a strong body, and a strong spirit. We believe the body is made to move, and when the body does not move, it begins to change its form and move further toward a place of dis-ease.

"Having experienced it for myself, I highly recommend it as a way to start or finish a day; Flexercise is great for the serious athlete or the weekend athlete to help reduce muscle pulls." — Kellen Winslow, Hall of Fame NFL Football, Member of NFL Top 100 All-Time Team

" After a session with Flexercise my mind is clear and I feel much more in touch with my body...I feel it is great for health promotions for both the mind and the body."
— Tim Pylko, M.D., Assistant Psychiatric Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine